How to Buy the Right Gravestone

Relatives or loved ones usually buy grave markers to show respect and gratitude towards those who have already passed away since they feel bad about leaving them behind in this world without leaving any special mementos. So, if you want to buy one for someone dear to you who has recently passed away, here is what you need to do:

What Type of Gravestone Do You Need?

There are two of gravestones – upright and flat. Choose depending on the stature of your departed loved one as well as his or her religion and culture.

Upright markers are usually preferred by relatives of those who have recently passed away because it is a sign that they were once alive. Those who prefer flat gravestones have either been dead for a long time now or their remains have already been cremated. As such, they don’t see any need to show that they were once alive like those with upright stones do.

Where Do You Want to Put the Gravestone?

You might want to put the stone somewhere private where people would not easily pass through but at the same time convenient enough so you could visit it without too much trouble if you absolutely must go there every month or so.

How Big Should the Gravestone Be?

If you are buying a stone for someone who has died of old age, opt for one that is between six inches to two feet tall. If your loved one was an infant or toddler, choose something smaller which measures only about three to four inches tall.

What Material Should You Choose?

This depends on you as there are no specific rules governing this, except that metal markers are better suited if the deceased’s religion or culture requires cremation. It would also be best to consult with your family before choosing any materials because they might prefer certain types over others.

How much do gravestones cost? They are quite affordable so don’t worry too much about their price. As a general rule of thumb, gravestones that are made from cement cost less than those made from marble.